Eyeglasses serve many purposes. They can help people see the real you, or they can help create the image you want to project. They have the ability to protect your son or daughters eyes during sports or your eyes at work or in the shop. There are even computer and blue blocking lenses which protect your macula from damaging blue light emitted from the devices we use every day. The blue lens also reduces eye strain and headaches caused by excessive computer use. 

What makes our office unique is Dr. Branning and Dr. Felger's ability to customize your exam and make eyewear recommendations based on your lifestyle needs. Keep in mind that most people own multiple types of footwear or specialty clothing in order to comfortably preform their job or participate in leisure activities. Most people are not aware of the options for specialized eyewear that will greatly improve their work and leisure visual performance. 

Our large frame inventory offers individuals a wide variety to choose from in every price range. No matter the need or purpose of the eyewear you're shopping for, our experienced and talented staff are happy to assist you!

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