Professional Contact Lens Consultation Services

When cared for properly, contact lenses can provide a healthy and comfortable vision correction option. There are a variety of contact lenses that provide you with the same visual clarity you enjoy while wearing glasses. There are many advantages of contact lenses over glasses including convenience and cosmetic value.

Contact lenses come in tens of thousands of combination of size, shape and power. That is why contact lenses are a prescription item that must be prescribed by an experienced, contact lens professional like Dr. Branning. This ensures a comfortable fit and great vision.

Professional Contact Lens Consultations may include:

  • Dr. Branning's professional recommendation regarding optimal combination of lens material, replacement schedule, disinfection system, and medications.
  • Assessment of visual acuity, residual blur, tear film, lens movement and surface deposits with previous contact lenses on the eyes.
  • Computerized mapping (topography) and microscopic corneal assessment to rule out signs of allergies, infection, dry eye, oxygen deprivation, toxicity, degeneration, inflammation or scarring related to past contact lens wear. See below.
  • Office visits and diagnostic disposable soft contact lenses as necessary.
  • One-on-one consultation time with our expert CL staff members to review proper insertion and removal techniques, recommended replacement schedule + disinfection solution, rebate eligibility, risks of and warning signs of complications (24 hour extended wear, stretching lenses past due date, swimming, lack of hand washing, dirty CL cases, smoking, etc).

Contact lenses are FDA-regulated prescription medical devices that can cause serious complications including pain and permanent vision loss. 

Contact Lens Related Complications

Proper preventative eye care to anyone wearing contact lenses requires a comprehensive eye health exam along with professional contact lens consultation services every 12 months. Because your eyesight is so valuable, our office is committed to providing the highest level of contact lens services available in the area. Our thorough approach helps ensure continued success for the 4 C's (Comfort, Clarity, Convenience, Complication rate). Professional contact lens consultations are mandatory and are not a covered benefit for 99% of vision insurances. The fee is determined for each individual case based on its complexity (expertise, time and equipment required).

Recommendations for Contact Lens Wearers

  1. Always wash your hands before handling contact lenses.
  2. Carefully and regularly clean contact lenses, as directed by Dr. Branning. If using multi-purpose solution, rub the contact lenses with fingers and rinse thoroughly before soaking lenses overnight in sufficient solution to completely cover the lens. If using hydrogen peroxide system, no rubbing is needed but be sure to store the lenses in the proper case at least six hours before inserting again.
  3. Store lenses in the proper lens storage case and replace the case at a minimum of every three months. Clean the case after each use, and keep it open and dry between cleanings.
  4. Use only products recommended by Dr. Branning to clean and disinfect your lenses. Saline solution and rewetting drops are not designed to disinfect lenses.
  5. Only fresh solution should be used to clean and store contact lenses. Never re-use old solution. Contact lens solution must be changed according to the manufacturer's recommendations, even if the lenses are not used daily.
  6. Always follow the recommended contact lens replacement schedule prescribed by Dr. Branning.
  7. Remove contact lenses before swimming or entering a hot tub.
  8. See Dr. Branning for your regularly scheduled eye examination and contact lens consultation service.

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